COVID Analysis

Research on Covid and K-12 in-person instruction in Indiana

In 2022 I published an article with some amazing co-authors in the Journal Clinical Infectious Diseases on the effect of in-person instruction at K-12 schools in Indiana on community spread of Covid-19. In the article we found a measurable effect of the amount of in-person instruction (vs. e-learning) in school districts on county-level cases. More in-person instruction resulted in a greater number of cases in the county in the weeks that followed.

The video above provides a short summary of this paper, the video at the right was part of the IU Northwest Celebration of Faculty Research event 

Between 2020 and 2022, I grew a Twitter account from 25 followers to over 9,000 by providing Covid-19 data, graphs and analysis. In the video above Dr. Bosslet (a friend and colleague) and I discuss our experiences share COVID information on social media and fighting misinformation.